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About Us


To create breast-feeding confinement experiences for the well-deserved mothers.


To treat every woman as a VIP by providing private and personal postpartum care from our team of professionals.

Twin C: C for Confinement; C for Care

You will never understand until a new life begins inside you.

Pregnant with a baby is the most blissful experience for women, but in the same time it can be exhausting. Sustaining another life inside can naturally take a toll on the mother’s body.

Therefore, a mother deserves the best, whether the pregnancy ends with a newborn or an angel baby. In Twin C, we care for every mother of newborn baby; we care for every mother of angel baby.

Postpartum confinement has a history of over 2,000 years in the Chinese community. From the Chinese traditional point of view, confinement care helps women to prevent postpartum-related sequela when they reached their old age. It is believed that confinement care could nurse a woman back to health after childbearing, and rejuvenate her body back to prenatal condition.

Following pregnancy and childbirth, women usually face changes in body, daily life, and the role they play in the family. The sum of these changes, coupled with the traditional prohibitions and restrictions during the confinement period, can be distressing to the postpartum mothers. A good confinement care is essential in helping these mothers to adapt to their life after giving birth.

We believe that with proper care and thought, confinement can help women through the vulnerable period after giving birth. We understand that every mother faces different circumstances, and every single one of them has different needs. This is why each and every mother is unique and important to Twin C.