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The benefits of Post-Natal Massage

The benefits of Post-Natal Massage

The benefits of Post-Natal Massage

There has been a lot of questions from soon-to-be mothers on what is postnatal care and how will it improve the mother’s wellbeing. In this article, we will look at one of the most common examples of postnatal care for mothers which are postnatal massages.


The labor of Childbirth is a joyous occasion filled with happiness. However, even the most experienced mothers know that it can put a lot of stress on a women’s body and mind. Bearing that in mind, with the help of experienced masseurs, post-natal massage therapies can both soothe the after-effects of childbirth and rejuvenate both physical and mental states and ease the pain and discomfort of both normal and caesarian delivery.


Unlike other types of activity, There are a lot of various benefits that mothers can benefit from these kinds of massage with little to no energy needed as they will need to conserve their energy to take care of themselves. These types of massages can be done at an instant after normal deliveries while it will need a timeframe of 6-7 weeks for those who went through C-section.


Prior to modern medicine, post-natal massages are widely performed to new mothers by specialists in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine which helps ease aches and pain, headaches, stress, and fatigue to even regulating the mother’s emotions to prevent post-partum depression by easing the individual’s recovery from exhaustion.


There have been various studies that have been conducted on postnatal massages and one common benefit from these massages is the increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage which helps in eliminating excess fluids and waste products from the mothers’ body. This will ensure that all parts of the mother’s body are able to effectively heal and enhance the production of breast-milk, improving skin firmness and ensure that the mother is able to properly move her limbs and parts of her body to pre-pregnancy conditions.


Regulating the Body and spirit


In the Indian context, a lot of these Ayurvedic massages help mothers reconnect their minds with their bodies. With the use of essential oils and the right massaging technique, herbal ingredients such as Chamomile and Lavender exudes a strong essential oil with the ability to eliminate nervous tension which calms down the user. Due to its antiseptic and cleansing properties, it is highly regarded for its use in skin and beauty. The tincture made from these types of herbal ingredients is capable of synergizing with the type of massage performed to alleviate stressors faced by mothers to concentrate on her own self-healing process.


By relaxing the body, the body will release oxytocin which triggers a reflex which releases milk from the mother’s breast. This enables the mother to easily feed newborns. This type of massage also promotes the release of endorphins, a natural painkiller which is secreted by the brain to counter the feeling of pain relax muscle tensions. This will also help mothers to sleep better. This hormone can also be helpful for mothers who are suffering from post-natal depression and anxiety.


A usual postnatal massage session will range from 30-45 minutes and one hour at max. The therapeutic effects gained from these massages will no doubt promote the healing process of the mother. Even with the experience of the benefits above, massage will also give you some alone time for yourself to unwind.


There are no best positions for postnatal massage and during the course of the massage, the masseuse will need the mother’s input on her comfort. Because different people have different needs, the masseuse will be able to determine the strength and technique needed for the mother. However, do bear in mind that it will be better for mothers who have just experienced c-section birth to wait until the scar is fully healed or ask the masseuse to stay clear from the wound until it has been healed.


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