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Best Confinement Centre in PJ: 5 Things to Look For

Best Confinement Centre in PJ: 5 Things to Look For

Best Confinement Centre in PJ

Post partum care remains an important part of transitioning from one stage in life to another. Mothers need to take their time during this transition to ensure that they can give their babies the best care possible. It is also important for women to receive the best care possible to help restore the balance in their body to prevent future illnesses and help them manage stress levels while caring for their baby.

Convenient Location

It is important that a centre is located in a convenient location for both mothers and other family members. Mothers should be able to reach their destination with ease as hours in the car can cause stress. Families should still be able to see the mother of the child to help her as much as possible and provide support. Confinement centres that do not have a convenient location simply will not work for some mothers. Twin C is conveniently located in PJ near Ara Damansara, one of the busiest areas. This makes it convenient for mothers as well as their families.

Comfortable Design Scheme

Everyone has their own preference regarding interior design, and they should not have to compromise style to enjoy the benefits of this period. Instead, mothers should be able to pick their own room and feel comfortable with the decorating scheme for the entire confinement period. At Twin C, we have 10 private suites with different decorating schemes to ensure that every mother feels relaxed in their environment.


Privacy is an important part of recovery. Mothers are encouraged to feel relaxed and should never feel disturbed by unwanted visitors. A three-tier security system will guarantee that mothers do not worry themselves with things like unwanted visitors. These periods are used for relaxation and recovery, and centres should provide as much privacy as possible so that mothers can enjoy those benefits.

TCM Practices

Confinement locations in PJ often offer advice from a doctor and medical care, but new mothers need more than that. It is important to find one that offers traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) so that mothers can feel comfortable and get the medicine that they prefer. A woman that prefers acupuncture over western medicine practices should have that option. Complimentary medicine can also include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Herbal remedies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga

Often, complementary medicine can be used in combination with other treatments so that patients receive the best care possible.

Individualised Care

Every person is different, and they require different care plans. Patients in search of a confinement centre in PJ are encouraged to find one that offers individualised care so that they will receive the best care for them and their baby. Individualised care plans are based on the needs of the mother instead of a generic care plan being distributed to every patient.

Confinement centres in PJ often offer one or two of these things, but here at Twin C we encompass all of them to guarantee that our patients feel comfortable, secure and relaxed after giving birth.

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