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Confinement period and its importance towards the mother and child

Confinement period and its importance towards the mother and child

Confinement period and its importance towards the mother and child

One of the most important practices that a mother goes through after childbirth involves the mother being unburdened of her responsibilities and obligations and ensuring that she has sufficient rest and recuperation. However, there are a lot of misunderstanding by the general public on what is confinement. The practice of Postpartum Confinement which typically last for a month to 100 days. This practice which has passed through time and culture which acts as a “Golden rope connecting women from one generation to the next” has not only inculcated positive emotional and physical healing for the mother, it also forms foundation towards the newborn child’s growth.

In the modern world, many companies and working policies allow and encourage mothers (and sometimes fathers) to have maternity leave which acknowledges the importance of new mothers taking time off to recover. Similar to traditional beliefs and customs practiced by many cultures worldwide, the practice of confinement is still relevant in today’s day and age as it is helpful in enabling parents to have a worry-free period where they only focus on the health of the mother and child. Confinement centers will always be beneficial towards parents who are unable to find relatives or sit-in confinement nannies that will cater to the parents’ every need. This article will highlight the benefits of opting for Confinement centers and its relevance in today’s society:


Confinement centers are specialized in providing a professionally designed private room with all the amenities needed which can ensure that both the child and mother get sufficient rest. Most of these centers are usually located far from the city and also provides various other services such as spa rooms, swimming pools and recreation areas so that the mother can have different activities with the child and other mothers staying in the facility if they wish to. Most of these services are designed to be very safe for the baby to use.

In-House Nanny

A lot of these confinement centers will confinement nannies that will look after mothers and the child 24/7 to ensure that all their needs are taken care of. With just the touch of a button, mothers can call the nanny to take care of them. Some of the nannies are also experienced in taking care of the child and are willing to teach new mothers from feeding the child, changing diapers and various other important skills so that they are able to do it by themselves when they depart from the confinement centers.

Meals designed for mothers

The meals consumed by mothers right after childbirth is essential for mothers and their children and plays a very large role in confinement care. The in-house Chefs are catered in preparing traditional meals that focus on the recovery of the mother using organic ingredients that are low in salt and oil. Professional licensed dieticians are usually hired by the Confinement centers to oversee and design the meal plans in order to provide the best nutrients for mothers which will hasten their recovery and stimulate the production of breast milk.

Activities in Confinement Centers

A lot of confinement centers also provide various fun and relaxing activities for the mothers such as their in-house child-rearing classes, yoga classes, and even spa / massages. Since nearly all of the staff working in confinement homes are well-trained in taking care of children and toddlers, they provide various lessons for mothers to ensure that they have proper skills to take care of the child even after departing from the Confinement centers. They will also be able to teach mothers skills which can they use to cope with their emotions especially after childbirth due to the unstable hormones and bodily changes.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are a good way for mothers to recover from childbirth through the use of light exercises. Mothers are generally discouraged to perform vigorous sports activities. However, yoga can strengthen the muscles which are usually sore from the act of childbirth. This activity also promotes proper breathing techniques which can help them remain calm and promote muscle recovery.

Post-natal Spa and Massages

Since childbirth takes a huge toll on the mother’s body and the longer / more difficult the delivery process, the greater it will stress on the mother’s physical and mental well-being. The use of post-natal spa and massages can relieve the mother’s tense muscles and promote blood circulation. It will also help tired mothers to relax and calm her senses. It also reduces swelling and helps the mother get better sleep. Post-natal massages are especially important for mothers who delivered the child via Caesarean Delivery.

By now, you should be clear in understanding what is confinement and its purpose in promoting the recovery of mothers and its role in teaching new mothers on child-rearing strategies.

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