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Confinement Practices and its relevance in Today’s society

Confinement Practices and its relevance in Today’s society

Confinement Practices and its relevance in Today’s society

For a long time, confinement practices from different generations and ethnicity have helped a lot of new mothers regain their strength and facilitate their recovery from childbirth. However, in today’s society, it may be seen as an outdated practice with its strict regimen of dieting and practice which are seen as unusual for those who are not familiar with it. As there is more liberalization from traditional cultures, more and more women are starting to object to certain practices including the need to stay indoors for a month and being restricted from moving around on their own. Some practices may even restrict visitors from visiting mothers and newborns.


For those who do not know what is the confinement, it is a process which a lot of mothers from different culture goes through in order for them to fully recuperate after giving birth to a child. Although these practices may seem traditional and peculiar, the confinement practice is still relevant as many doctors and health-care practitioners are vouching on the benefits it brings to new mothers as those who go through these confinement practices are usually more emotionally stable and is able to effectively take care of their child and reintegrate to their working environment and society. However, with all kinds of modernization, the key importance of why confinement is still relevant and its points can be seen as below:


Dietary requirements of mothers and newborn


For mothers who have just given birth, their body will need all the nutrients that they can get for the body to heal itself. In order to facilitate this process, they will need food that has essential items such as iron, calcium and various other minerals. The folk knowledge of “You are what you eat” is literally the key term for a healthy recuperation. With the onset of cheaper and less nutritional ingredients used for daily cooking (i.e. fast food, fatty foods, preservatives etc.), mothers will not know what detrimental things that they have consumed. The worst part is that these things consumed by the mother will be passed on to the child through breastfeeding. With this in mind, mothers should eat a healthy diet that is made with high-quality ingredients. These can also help with the production of milk and reduce post-partum stress and depression.


An environment free from various disturbance


Babies who have just awoken to new life are highly sensitive to various environmental stimuli (i.e. noises, smells, pressure etc.). Due to their delicate nature which can be stressed by these stimuli, mothers are encouraged to shelter the newborn from these disturbances as it may affect the child’s sleeping pattern, temperament, and growth. To avoid these disturbances, a lot of doctors would suggest taking a few months off or hiring a confinement nanny (who are experienced in this field) to ensure that the environment is suitable for newborns and their mothers to have sufficient rest.

With the right environment, mothers will also have more time to reflect and rest which are essential in helping the mother cope with post-partum stress. These practices will reduce the overall stress levels of the mother and give an optimal time for mothers to recover and plan ahead on what are the next few steps and readjustment plans (i.e. finance, social, child-caring etc.) necessary for developing both the child and the mother’s life.


Bonding time for Families


For those who utilize their familial bond as a recovery method, new mothers can utilize the confinement period as a time to nurture and cultivate her relationship with the child and even family members. This can form a healthy relationship that can facilitate the growth of the child’s Emotional Intelligence which can result in life-long positive outcomes for the child. The affection shown by the parents at this crucial stage of growth can affect the child’s attachment style which can be either beneficial (having a secure attachment with the parents) or detrimental (Avoidant, insecure etc.) based on the type of style the child has learned. Bonding can also be beneficial for the mother and her spouse where active spouses can cater to emotional support for the mother. Although many people may see their career as the number one importance, husbands and significant others of the mother should play a vital role in monitoring the mother’s emotional health.

It should be noted that although the current society favors women to go opt for financial and career security, all women should take a short rest and take care of themselves both physically and emotionally as these special and intimate moments will not last forever and once it’s gone, there will not be a second time. Therefore, these practices to many remain relevant and should be tailored to cater to the needs of a modern family. Similarly, most modern confinement service providers are able to cater to various types of requests including in-house confinement services and also the provision of a confinement nanny for mothers who prefer to be at the comfort of their own home. Therefore, expecting mothers can try looking for various types of services that can be provided and choose one that they are comfortable with.


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