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Breastfeeding Postnatal Care

Postnatal Care with full breastfeeding support. Feel free to message or call us for more information!

Options: 14days /28days package

Price Range: RM 9800 – 20800

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Home Nurse

Our nurses are well-trained to support breastfeeding and baby care. Home visits are available for baby care (to help support you in breastfeeding and mother care.)

Options: Hourly/ Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly

Price Range: RM 200 – 6800 depending on frequency and hours.

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Breastfeeding Vacation

If you have trouble in baby care or breastfeeding and looks for a peaceful getaway during your breastfeeding vacation with your little one. This is the ideal place for you. We are ready to help you enhance your breastfeeding and baby care skills.

Price Range: starting from RM 680

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Childbirth Consultation

We will help you prepare for your pregnancy, to assist you in understanding about pregnancy, childbirth, preparations and expectations such as what to expect? Who to look for? What kind of plan suitable to you? What is the main reason to affect your decision? We always recommend planning ahead before your baby arrives. This is very important for every marriage couple.

Option: Private Session/ Open Class

Price Range: Starting from RM 100

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Postnatal Counseling

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is real. Every woman deserves a professional listener. We have our way to address postpartum depression. We help you relax based on your individual needs and wants.

Option: Private Session/ Vacation Available

Price Range: Starting from RM 100

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